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If you need help with common Do D Enterprise Email Issues, check out the DISA Enterprise Collaboration Management User FAQ or the Do D Enterprise FAQ Page.Additional information on the Enterprise Email Migration can be found here.The cause of the issue lies in XML files containing invalid XML markup in the form of “comments” which prevents . The issue was also blogged on by fellows Jason Sherry, Paul Cunningham while Tony Redmond has additionanal background details here.

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After installing Exchange 2013 Service Pack 1, people reported issues with Transport Agents. Common\v4.0_15.0.847.30__31bf3856ad364e35\Microsoft.

There might be a deadlock, or the program might not have responded to the server initialization code within the timeout period of two minutes". If the component GUID is: 3D14228D-FBE1-11D0-995D-00C04FD919C1, the event appears according to Microsoft when you try to browse Active Server Pages (ASP) pages. I removed Windows Messenger and I have not seen the DCOM error". I traced the problem back to dodgy registry permissions.

The event can also occur when you complete a drive remapping during a Citrix Meta Frame 1.8 installation on a Microsoft Windows 2000 Terminal Server computer. Article ME266118 on how to restore default NTFS permissions fixed the problem.

My new server will run Server 2008 with Exchange 2010.

Just for a “worst case scenario” I’ve put in some public folders and I’ve got some Outlook 2003 clients. Make sure before you start, you have the Exchange 2010 media and unlock code, you don’t want to download the media on a site with a slow internet connection, (at time of writing the disk image is 1GB in size). If your existing domain controllers are all x32, and you are also upgrading domain controllers, during the process, Then you will be extending the domain schema (i.e.

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