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Technically speaking this process is governed by constant volume process or Otto cycle.But in case of diesel engines spark plugs are not needed.I just replaced the ignition on my recently acquired 76 Ironhead. Can someone suggest a set of procedures (in layman's terms) to begin on this journey.After installing it I tried to fire it for the first time and it turned over a couple of times but no fire. Like how do I test the ignition, coil, and anything else that may lead me to my culprit?Normally the compression ratio of SI engines will in the range 6 – 8 .This proves that in petrol engines the compression alone doesn’t makes the fuel to burn.The original song "Ignition" was first recorded in 2002 after the alleged Kelly sex tape was a hot topic in the media.

Well, if you thought that the new cam and / or setting will reduce the size of potential candidates being axed by Hippster-Kratos, guess again!The air from the atmosphere is sucked into the cylinder of the engine and then the air is compressed to high pressure which eventually leads to the increase of temperature, so when the diesel is supplied at end of compression stroke, the temperature developed is more enough to ignite the diesel, this makes the fuel to burn and then expansion of gases takes place from where the power stroke is obtained.This eliminates the usage of spark plug as the temperature required to ignite the fuel is obtained on compression itself, so always the compression of diesel engines will be in the range 12 -14.This is why I won't disguss fights against those well-known Norse Gods, we are all familiar with, thanks to Marvel :).Furthermore, you have to know that the E3 trailer of God of War was packed with amazing details, some of them hidden well so they are popping up days after the show, here are some examples: Now, here’s the literally big one: For those familiar with the trailer, this is the scene were we see the whole scale of Go W’s landscape, and surely the approaching Dragon catches our eyes.

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