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The fact that the majority of news outlets have focused on the tawdry affairs of a few misbehaving agents and not on the outcome of the summit highlights the growing indifference of America to its hemispheric neighbors. However, America’s influence is waning in a region that is becoming less dependent on U. trade and developing closer ties with countries the U. Issues surrounding immigration, monetary policy, Cuba, and the drug war continue to isolate the United States in its own hemisphere and risk weakening the country’s broader international influence on important foreign policy matters.

Potential powerful allies, like Brazil — who is actively seeking a spot on the UN Security Council — are increasingly becoming potential adversaries.

For all intents and purposes, the summit was a fail, even outside the shadow of the secret service scandal.

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Our culturally oriented, gender-responsive approaches are delivered by multicultural and multilingual staff who are a part of the communities they serve.

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