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The fundamental reason the ACA will fail is because it mandates a minimum Medical Loss Ratio (MLR).MLR is the percentage of premiums paid out to cover health care expenses.A passenger train had passed a signal indicating the train was supposed to stop.

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Whether the ultimate result is the law getting repealed or modified, change is necessary to have a viable and vibrant health insurance industry that drives cost reduction and improved customer service.Just 11% expect costs to go down, while 21% say they’ll remain about the same. When it comes to the quality of care, just 21% expect it to get better, while 39% predict it will worsen.Still, that latter figure is the lowest measured in more than seven years.Read More California’s “Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014” (AB 1522), is effective July 1, 2015, mandating paid sick leave accrual for employees statewide.The law has no exclusions for small employers or nonprofits, so CPA firm employers are subject to it.

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