Katie hoff dating

Missy Franklin collected some prize money at the Chartres stop of the FINA World Cup Series, as the freshly-made professional swimmer got some last racing in before a vacation prior to the fall season.

Congratulations to American record holder and former World record holder Katie Hoff on her marriage with Todd Anderson!

Had the rest of Europe given the event more support and not left it to Britain, Germany and Italy to shoulder the entire burden, things would certainly have been different.

When he slipped to third place in the 100m freestyle, he had team-mate Adrian Nathan alongside him to take the spoils.

With five points awarded for an individual win, three for second and one for third, the score at the halfway mark stands at 89-33 to the Americans.

At the 2005 World Aquatics Championships, Hoff set a championships record for her time of .41 in the women's 200 m individual medley.

Hoff received two more gold medals at the competition, one in the 400-meter medley and the other for the 4×200-meter freestyle, with teammates Natalie Coughlin, Whitney Myers, and Kaitlin Sandeno. Hoff retained her 200-meter individual medley title by winning at the 2007 World Championships setting a new championship record of .13.

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