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Here is how you have a successful meeting: first it would be best obtain a lady’s personal contact information as well as agency’s contact information by requesting a travel tour.Please be advised that it is not necessary to request a travel tour, but it will inform the agency and the lady of the agency that you have a planned meeting.My friend spent thousands to correspond and had young pretty girls all over him. This rip off company also starts to bill you once you have canceled the membership!I have had to cancel my credit card and get a new one issued since will not respond or will they do anything about it.

According to our testimonials page many of our clients have had successful meetings.I have now found MANY of the certified single female members on other sites related to dating Ukrainian and Russian woman ...their profile write ups are relatively the same as on DM but their profile names have been slightly altered but their photos are exactly the same as on DM as well as some intro videos ....That makes it much easier to meet so called “East European brides" in person rather than pay hundreds of euros to russian marriage agencies for translations of letters and costly trips.All our services are totally free for ladies ("girls date for free"), while men can optionally upgrade to premium membership, but only if they wish to meet the ladies in person or exchange contact details.

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