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Seriously, dating is like being in a jungle and you need to be prepared with the right equipment and support team. He tells me my smile makes his day because no one ever smiles back at him.

Newly single and surrounded by thousands of immature 18-year old boys. I’m picky, I really am not (plus, I love Mexican food) but first impressions mean a lot. I’m a good sport and always down, so I got a plastic tray, got into line and ordered my burrito.

Be aware of your body language and try to appear more approachable.

As this will likely take practice, challenge yourself to engage with strangers on a regular basis: at the coffee shop, in the cafeteria, at a business meeting.

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Even if the party doesn’t lead to a date, you’ll be honing your small-talk skills and charm.I was just meeting friends for a Sunday matinee, but really, I had been asked out. Truth was, I was so nervous and uncertain about it that I convinced my friend Anna to come along with me (but didn’t tell my date). When Timmy arrived (his dad dropped him off on his motorcycle) he looked at me and smiled. I started to sweat and squeaked, Timmy let out a big sigh. We walked into the movie theater, Anna on my right, Timmy on my left. He asked to hold my hand halfway through the movie. I was sitting in my Modern American Social History class. I was chewing on my pen and I felt someone staring at me. I slowly turned and a larger-looking guy with puppy eyes, I hadn’t even noticed before was at me, smiling. We talk about life, but I already know it won’t go anywhere beyond a friendship. He then invites himself to the party I’m going to with my girlfriends. While this list doesn't include all 12,775 women Warren Beatty slept with per Peter Biskind's book, it does include all the famous ones – let's call this list Warren Beatty's Famous Lovers or Warren Beatty's Famous Girlfriends and Exes instead then, because the percentage of famous babes to overall hookups is, by definition, low.Listed roughly in order of earliest hookups to later ones, though some of the exact details are of course hard to come by.

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