Dating your coworker

Factors in your favor include the fact that working together may allow you to observe this person’s strengths and weaknesses in a non-dating environment.

Your best chance at fanning your workday crush into a hot relationship—or dousing those sparks in time to avoid any unwanted drama—is to carefully consider the pros and cons.

Some tip-offs: If he starts hanging around your work space a lot or asks you to grab lunch or after-work drinks, says Stephanie Losee, coauthor of It's also promising if he's in an unrelated department yet asks your opinion on a project of his — it indicates that he is looking for an excuse to talk to you and values your opinion, notes Losee.

Office crushes sure make the workday more interesting—and give you the inspiration to dress a little sharper for that Monday morning meeting, too.

Focus on work and do your job — especially if you want to mitigate gossip.

"No one wants to hear about how deeply you're in love with each other or where you went last weekend or the fight you had in the car this morning," she explains. Again — nobody wants or needs to know about what's happening with your love life.

You also bring to a new relationship a shared “world,” complete with friends, colleagues, goals, and even values. Will your relationship become topic of office gossip? There’s also the matter of how your dating relationship might impact job performance.

If you become distracted by the excitement of your new romance—or distraught if that relationship goes awry—will you be less effective?

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