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It chronicles the story of Ash Upton and Emily Mc Arthur who, after a universal filing error in the Celestial Filing Depository, find that their lives are very different than they were the day prior.Emily has become two years younger and Ash has swapped sexes completely, and is now a girl. Clicking several tags will show pages tagged with all of them.

The story is so far just as great as his other books so I know volume 2 is going to be great. His newest book "Steelwing Shattered" is griping and suspenseful, an awesome sci-fi adventure with deep and thoughtful characters, definitely equaling any thing I've ever read before. Divided into five branches, four of which have an Archon CFS1 [0] First Branch: facets of time, space and celestial motion CFS2 [0] Second Branch: maintaining physical laws of the Creation CFS3 [1] Third Branch: (also? Cabinet [2] - Cafe225 [2] café in Tempest Cafe Marat [6] café in Tempest Cake [1] - California [1] - Camera [21] takes pictures Canada [10] - Cancer [4] Ellen Mc Arthur had a non-malignant tumour when Emily was young. Chicks [1] - Chili Cheese Fries [1] - Chocolate [10] mmmm!) maintaining the physical laws of the Creation CFS4 [5] Fourth Branch: takes measurements on Earth and compares them to extrapolations from the filing system CFS5 [5] Fifth Branch: deals with fairly mundane aspects of life on earth. See also June Candle [3] decorative/romantic light & scent source Cannabis [2] - Cantina32 [8] restaurant in Tempest’s main street Cap Kid [5] generic: some kid wearing a cap Car [2] - Car Oil [1] - Car Sale [5] car sale lots Card Shop [3] selling greeting cards Carter Hughes [4] - Cas Home [2] where Casper lives, somewhere on Cape Cod Casper [28] ‘Cas’, racer in Cape Cod, friend of Brent; drives an MR2 Casper Car [5] MR2 Cassi [95] Cassiel’s dark-haired ‘mortal schoolgirl’ guise for stalking/harassing Rumisiel Cassi Creepy [1] alternative disguise used by Cassiel Cassi Lunch Lady [1] alternative disguise used by Cassiel Cassie [2] - Cassiel [189] angel, works for 4th Branch of the CFS, Rumisiel’s ex-. Also see Cassi Cat [32] - Cat And Mouse [3] background, associated with Marie Cat Call Driver [1] - Chain [1] - Chain Saw [2] for cutting trees, or zombies Chains [18] unhappy bind-y background Chair [2] - Cherub [1] - Cherubim [8] very different from our regular angels: ‘gestalt being, four aspects, unpredictable’, also four wings. Chris Hazelton [1] the author/artist himself Christmas Bauble [1] - Christmas Tree [3] - Church [4] - Cigarette [2] - Cinema [22] generic: popcorn sales outlets Clam [1] - Cliff [5] - Clock [4] - Clock Tower [3] highest central point in Tempest Clothes Shop [16] generic Coffee [1] - Coin [1] - Coke Can [1] - Cola [1] - Colin [24] an heroic ‘Everyman’ figure, works at Auto Moder Z; drives a Camaro “with 20 inch rims and a Borla exhaust” College [1] - College Guide [2] - Colour [67] page in colour rather than the usual pencil greyscale Computer [43] generic, probably a consumer grade Windows XP Home box Corner22 [2] location of the Old Shed on the Old Road Costume Shop [3] “Another Face” Cover [29] start of a new book/chapter Cricket [1] - Cupid Bow [1] stylised bow and arrow DMV [2] Department of Motor Vehicles (?) in proximity Advert [1] - Aiden [75] Aiden Brewster, car-whisperer; rebuilds & drives Nissan 240/260/280 series cars Aiden Home [35] house number 1066; Aiden lives opposite Bronwyn Air Freshner [1] - Airport [14] - Ale House [23] bar-bistro on Cape Cod near Marie Upton’s house All Trac [10] Burt’s race car wikipedia: All-Trac Alleyway [9] dumpster-filled dead-end Als Diner [19] Al’s Diner, Tempest area Amara [3] models for Marie Ambulance [2] - Andy Sherman [4] Andy Sherman, chivalrous to a fault Angel [67] manifestin’ wingz, halo, powerz Angel Ash [1] - Angel Boy [2] CFS minion Angel Girl [2] another CFS minion Angel Girl2 [2] yet another CFS minion Angelica [14] Kate’s sister Anna [1] school kid Annie [3] mouthy dyke-spotter school student Antifreeze [1] - Anvil [1] - Application Form [7] - Archon [14] class of boss angel & an endangered species.Carry keys to their Branches of the file repository embedded in their hands Archon Killer [5] a mystery Aries [60] ’Arry’s auto workshop Arthur [19] racer boy Artist [1] - Ash [2673] Ash Upton “King of the Mountain”; our protagonist; drives a Merkur XR4Ti & “The Monster XR” an XR4Ti / Sierra Cosworth hybrid Ash Kids [1] - Ash Male [7] representation of Ash as male Ash Williams [1] - Ashley [14] forum’s name for Ash’s truly female alter-ego, seen in flashbacks and imagination (N. she never existed – Wo G) Audi [2] Edward Upton‘s car, licence plate DR-U Audi S4 [0] Sheldon’s ride Aunt Natalie [2] Emily’s mother’s sister Auto Moder Z [30] automobile supplies emporium Baby [1] - Baby Bottle [5] - Baby Shower [6] venue – unclear whether Kate’s family’s or Kate & Harry’s place Bacon [4] traditional breakfast food Bald [1] - Bald Driver [1] - Balding Dude [1] Christmas party-goer Basic Auto Mech [1] Basic Auto Mechanics – Emily’s first book on cars Bat [1] “Twinkle, twinkle, little bat / How I wonder what you’re at”. Bath [3] - Battery [1] - Baxter [29] racer, drives a Supra, has the effrontery to come from New York (and wear his cap backwards). He suffered from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Beach [25] “too much sand in my shoes, and the seaweed and salt water …

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