Are tikal and shadow dating

"Disaster in Sight: The Terminal Classic at Tikal and Uaxactun". The Terminal Classic in the Maya lowlands: Collapse, transition, and transformation.

Tips : Enemy 1 : Tar-Giant Difficulty : Easy-Medium Ability : -Triple Blast -Bite - -Thunder Shock Special Ability : -Super Healer - Recover 500 health point Strategy : He is the easiest enemy in this episode, but he always use super healer whenever his lifepoint is down, so you must take him out quickly, when your overdrive pint reach 50 use dark soul, it works perfectly on him but if you have a change to use the dragon abiliy, i suggest to used it Tips and Strategy : Enemy 2 : Aura Dragon/Tikal Difficulty : Medium-Hard Ability : -Quick Attack -Mjollnir -Energy Ball Special Ability : -Magic Beam - Exchange your overdrive point into magic point, but in the same time, it deal much damage to you Strategy : She is so damn hard, if you fight her without any strategy you will be die in 2 turn but if you fight her by using your skill point wisely, she will became easy okay, first she has some powerful attack and strong defense whenever she attack you, quickly use heal in the next turn i recommend to always use your heal skill after her turn unless she attack you with her quick attack when your overdrive point reach at least 50 use dark soul on her, it will kick her ass a bit use your strongest magic on her, but please don't waste your skill point too much you will need it to heal yourself, you can use dark critical if you want to save your skill point for later she also have a skill that can exchange your overdrive point into skill point, this attack deal much damage, but since she has recover your skill point you must use it to heal yourself if you have enough change to you use dragon ability,hp must not below 50% or else she will kick you in the next turn she is so damn tough,please be more careful fighting her Note : -you can go forward the dialogue by pressing enter key -you can change the quality by pressing Q key IMPORTANT : THIS IS SONIC THE HEDGEHOG "SPRITE" GAME, IF YOU DON'T LIKE OR HATE THAT KIND OF STUFF PLEASE LEAVE IMMEDIATELY *please put this on sonic the hedgehog collection* Visit me at Deviantart : Arqum, have you ever heard about alternative universes? Plot: Shadow's childhood friend, Tikal, has been kidnapped by dark organization that also known as Dark Neo.And so he has no other choice but to save Tikal but...seem shadow is already too late....Tikal Temple II (or the Temple of the Masks, alternatively labelled by archaeologists as Tikal Structure 5D-2) is a Mesoamerican pyramid at the Maya archaeological site of Tikal in the Petén Department of northern Guatemala. The temple was built in the Late Classic Period in a style reminiscent of the Early Classic.

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