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A website where people can post comments along side pictures. ((Next to a picture of a website.)) Hey, let's troll the fuck out of the Twilight boards.

((Next to a picture of a man with sword and trumpet)) Me too.

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The New Year of 2007 was bound to be business as usual for the /a/ board of 4chan until on 4th of January, Anonymous posted an omake page from the doujin Schuppen Harnische by RAITA of doujin circle Zettai Shoujo, detailing character art for a dating sim he dubbed “Katawa Shoujo.” For reasons we will never know, someone's genius idea of actually realizing RAITA's idea of the game caught on like wildfire and soon suggestions ranging from tender love stories to depraved sex fantasies were running amok in the thread.And how can a series of wholly anonymous, time-sensitive message boards — message boards with an interface straight out of the Geocities age — have such a profound, ranging impact on the Internet at large? 4chan is a series of wholly anonymous, anything-goes forums.More importantly: Who the heck are these people, and don’t they have anything better to do? 4chan, in its layout and fundamental operation, is not terrifically different from Reddit, Something Awful, or other large-scale Internet forums.(That latter rumor gained so much traction, the Los Angeles Police Department felt compelled to weigh in.) Apparently convinced the “ninth circle of Hell” was not doing enough to sabotage itself, shady viral marketers posing as 4chan users then pretended to hack Emma Watson’s nudes and — in the ensuing Internet-wide cacophony — demanded that 4chan be shut down.“The recent 4chan celebrity nude leaks have been an invasion of privacy,” the hoaxsters railed in an open letter against 4chan, “and [are] also clear indication that the Internet NEEDS to be censored.” How, exactly, does one anonymous Web site generate such outrage?

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